About Us

We Established in 2018

Shakthi Enterprises was established on June 10, 2018 in Salem for the Major motto to create Eco Friendly Environment and Plastic Free Earth.

Then we focus to utilize the Natural Resource like Areca Leafs, Sugarcane, Banana Leafs, Bamboo sticks, Coconut, etc., and make user friendly products like plates, spoons, tumblers, bowels, food packing products and more.

Our Mission

We have an Eco friendly mission for our Earth. We manufacture a Harmless Environmental products and which is easy to compostable or bio degradable. We can supply all our products for all our customers in our supply chain.

We help our clients to protect our Nature and they support us to produce more innovative and eco friendly products.

Our Values

* Young and Innovative Team can create New products and ideas

* Dedicated Market Research team can research the customer needs and product feedbacks. This can useful for improve our Products

* Talented Distributors can deliver the products to End customers


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